5 Reasons Why Learning Self-Defense Is Important For Children

Parents want the best opportunities in life for their children.

They desire to see them thrive and succeed. That is why they look into ways of planting seeds of positivity that will see their little ones grow to become good individuals.

Learning martial arts is one of the avenues that can help instil such morals in children.

Some parents may think of this as a means of teaching children how to fight or defending themselves.

However, there is more to learning martial arts than throwing and blocking punches. It can be a lifelong passion that builds a child’s personality. Below are some of the top reasons for having your kids take martial arts classes.

1. Building Confidence

The world can, at times seem like a scary place for kids, and this can make them feel powerless.

However, a few days a week of getting on the mat to learn new skills can change things for the children, especially the shy ones. It can make these scared and timid little ones becomes happy and confident individuals that always look forward to the next session.

This kind of confidence building at a young age can reduce irrational phobias or negative self beliefs later in life. Joanne Antoun founder of a successful transformational therapy says:

Most insecurities stem from childhood experiences, building your confidence within your own abilities as a child will stay with you throughout adulthood and limit potential self doubt.

With the newfound confidence, they discover that they can do anything they put their mind to as long as they stay committed to achieving what they want.

2. Being Part Of A Family

Children should grow up in a positive atmosphere surrounded by people who care about them and wish them success.

The martial arts sessions will see them not only learn how to be confident and defend themselves, but it allows them to be part of a community. They get to make friends that can become lifelong buddies.

They will be part of a family that has the support of the community that want to see them succeed.

3. Having Mentors

Every martial arts instructor is not only a coach but also a life mentor and a role model.

As such, these individuals can have a positive impact on kids’ lives. Counsellor and mental health expert Ilona Nichterlein explains:

Working with children who have behavioural issues, I can see that a mentor can help to reduce symptoms of depression as well as increase social skills and positive attitudes towards learning and grades.

The instructors are, therefore, the people that kids need in their lives that will help them when
they need direction.

4. Healthy lifestyle

What people like doing can become a lifestyle; letting children learn and practice martial arts can see them embrace it and make it a lifestyle.

Such a thing is essential for more in this age when the young generation cannot put down the phones to engage in physically stimulating activities.

Martial arts helps kids with their posture and flexibility, leading expert Flex Osteopathy explains:

In most cases the posture that we have adopted as an adult is a reflection of the muscular habits we have developed in a musculoskeletal system since childhood – structured physical activity such as martial arts as a child can help reduce problems caused by a lifetime of poor posture.

With the martial arts classes a few times a week, the kids will learn the importance of staying active. It will help them stay fit and healthy and avoid some of the common health problems later in life.

5. Self Defence and Protection

Bullying is rife, and a social issue that many do not want to admit needs snuffing out.

Some people like harming others, that is why it is wise to learn how to protect one’s self. That is why kids should learn martial arts. It will prepare them for such situations.

They will be able to know how to handle themselves. It is not about teaching the children how to hurt others, but about the importance of respecting others and avoid conflicts. It teaches them about respecting people’s personal space and how others should respect their space; and how there are consequences for anyone that wants to harm them.

The above are five of the many reasons that kids should learn martial arts. Children should be respectful of themselves and others.

They should be self-confident and believe they have what it takes to do anything they want. The martial arts school is a safe place where they can make new friends and acquire new skills that will shape their life into adulthood.

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